Product Design
Product Design

Our Product Development team is specialized in engineering areas like mechanical, electric/electronic and automation. We have the necessary skills to respond to the most various challenges, and to work with several industry sectors, one of which we gathered more know-how is the harness industry.

The Product Design process includes the following activities:


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Research – we aim to solve problems using new methods and technologies and cutting edge knowledge.


Design & Development – to design and conceive equipments and components with required accuracy, reproducing them in a virtual environment throw CAD tools, guaranteeing the project viability while ensuring that all customers’ requirements are fulfilled.


Virtual Testing and Simulation – we use simulation of finite element (FEM/FEA) methodologies for products and solutions analysis, improving design, production and functionality.

We use linear and non linear FEM/FEA software for static and dynamic analysis.


Manufacturing and Assembly – we coordinate and monitor the manufacturing of parts, assemblies and equipments in order  to respect H&S directives.


Final Testing – we monitor and overview the results, performing rigorous testing before and act accordingly when needed.


Start up at final destination – we install, test and commission our machines and equipments in its final location.


Training – we supply onsite and in-house training related to the machines and equipments we develop and build.


Documentation – Our equipments and machines are always provided with equipment manuals with instructions for operation, maintenance and repair, spare parts list. We also provide CE conformity certificates.


Maintenance – we provide services related to the maintenance of equipments, minimizing down time and faults.


After Sales service – we provide services related to equipment retrofitting and upgrade, to satisfy highly specific requirements. We provide spare parts and maintenance to our equipments and machines