Equipment Development & Manufacturing
Equipment Development & Manufacturing

Developing and manufacturing industrial equipment is the area we consider the Core Business of Micronorma. It is the area that our design team is more dedicated to. 
We develop all types of industrial equipment, stand alone, inline, manual or semi-automatic, all with safety regulation, CE certification, and with automation, hydraulic and pneumatic systems integration. We hold vast knowledge and experience working for the automotive, wiring and harness and electronic sector.

We consider our equipment can be divided in three major segments:

Processing Equipment

We develop equipment that processes our customer’s products, or that execute a production process inside our customer production line.
These product transformation processes can be bending, crimping, cutting, drilling, insertion, assembly, or pressing.


Quality Control Equipment

We develop equipment that help ensure the quality control to customer’s products. Most frequently we develop and produce measuring jigs and watertight test equipment.


Production support equipment

And we also develop equipment to assist specific processes in our customers production line, like conveyors and pick n' places to move the parts in and between the worstations, or jigs to assist assembly, machining, welding and other operations.

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